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08-02-2019 - 7 Mysterious Balls of Light Changing Patterns Above Alton Barnes, U.K., Recorded by Astonished French High School Teacher.
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02-16-2017 - WWII UFO and RAF Plane Encounter Covered Up by Churchill and Eisenhower, MoD Documents Reveal
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08-18-2016 - Part 2: Earthfiles Special Report with U. K. Electrical Engineer Winston Keech on PHENOMENON Radio
06-16-2016 - Persistent Bloodless Mutilations of Cats, Foxes, Rabbits Birds from London Region to Dundee, Scotland
08-31-2012 - Two 2012 U. K. Crop Formations of High Strangeness
07-06-2012 - Senior CIA Officer Claims Knowledge of Roswell-Alien Cover-Up
05-10-2012 - Update on Bath, England UFO Photos and Mysterious Boom and Horn Sounds Still Being Heard