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10-28-2010 - Honey Bee Disappearances Not “Solved” by Virus and Fungi
07-28-2010 - Bee Expert Says Cell Phones Are Not Cause of Honey Bee Collapse
05-05-2010 - Updated: U. S. Honey Bee Industry Struggles with 34% Colonies Loss
02-18-2010 - U. S. Honey Bee Deaths Increase Again
03-30-2009 - European Honey Bee Decline Continues While Aggressive Africanized Honey Bees Attack in Southern U. S.
09-26-2008 - NRDC Sues EPA for Honey Bee Lab Data and EPA Approves Another Bee-Killing Pesticide
08-31-2008 - Honey Bees Not Healthy in U. S. or U. K.
04-10-2008 - Honey Bee Collapse Now Worse on West Coast
09-26-2007 - North American Honey Bees Still Weak
09-07-2007 - Honey Bee DNA Study Finds Australian Virus in Colony Collapse Disorder