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05-12-2023 - Updated: Three Eyewitnesses in Selden, Texas, Saw Two, Large Rectangles of “White Flames” in Sky
05-04-2023 - Law Officers Describe Unidentified Shape-Shifting Aerial Craft in Stephenville, Texas, Region
04-30-2023 - Updated: Huge Aerial Craft Over Dublin, Texas, “Longer Than 3 Football Fields”
08-02-2017 - In Memoriam Jim Marrs December 5, 1943 – August 2, 2017
10-05-2013 - 21 Missing and Mutilated Barbado Sheep in Port Lavaca, Texas
03-01-2013 - Is Sasquatch A Hybrid of Homo sapiens sapiens and Unknown Primate?
08-10-2012 - Updated:  New Animal Mutilations in Argentina and Gunnison, Colo.; More Half Cats in California and Nevada; and “Chupacabra” Kill in Missouri
12-08-2011 - Part 1:  More Multi-Colored Aerial “Symbols”- This Time Above Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
12-03-2011 - Horse Mutilations in Houston, Texas; 4th Half-Cats in Port Charlotte, Florida, Since September
11-24-2010 - Texas Nurse Has Close Encounter with Bizarre Non-Human