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11-24-2010 - Texas Nurse Has Close Encounter with Bizarre Non-Human
09-11-2009 - More Aerial “Milk Bottles” Photographed By Game Trail Cameras
12-17-2008 - Erath County, Texas, Policeman Saw 600-Foot-Diameter Aerial Craft Over Courthouse in Stephenville
12-02-2008 - Updated: Strange Aerial Object Over Irving, Texas
06-06-2008 - Updated: Aerial Ring with Antennas in Southern Ohio Forest and Downtown Chicago Dragonfly Drone Sighting
02-22-2008 - Updated: Three Eyewitnesses in Selden, Texas, Saw Two, Large Rectangles of “White Flames” in Sky
02-08-2008 - Law Officers Describe Unidentified Shape-Shifting Aerial Craft in Stephenville, Texas, Region
01-18-2008 - Updated: Huge Aerial Craft Over Dublin, Texas, “Longer Than 3 Football Fields”
09-26-2007 - Neatly Sliced Front Third of 14 Cats Found in Granbury, Texas
09-20-2007 - Part 2: Psi Spies – True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare Program