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10-03-2019 - Update: 5 Bulls Bloodlessly Mutilated in Harney County, Oregon, and No Bullets.
12-31-2017 - Part 2 – Did U. K. Military Attack UFO in Wales On Feb. 26, 2016?
10-26-2017 - Bloodless Mutilation of Cats, Rabbits and Foxes Ongoing in U. K.
10-13-2017 - Bloodless Half-Cats Reported in Spokane, WA, While Numbers Continue to Rise in U. K.
08-03-2013 - Part 1:  Recent Bloodless Animal Mutilations with Scorched Grass in U. K. and Missouri. Other Mutilations in Argentina, Colorado, Nebraska and Idaho.
12-20-2009 - Why Has U. K. Ministry of Defence Shut Down UFO Office?
10-30-2009 - High Strangeness in Overton and Basingstoke, Hampshire, U. K.
06-27-2008 - More Military Sightings of UFOs in U. K.
04-04-2007 - U. K.’s Gary McKinnon, Alleged “Cyber-Terrorist,” Lost High Court Appeal to Prevent Extradition to United States
07-21-2006 - U. K. Breaking Heat Records and 17 Crop Patterns Reported Between July 4-20