Why Has U. K. Ministry of Defence Shut Down UFO Office?

“There are objects in our atmosphere which are technically miles in advance of anything that we can deploy, that we have no means of stopping them coming here, and that we have no defense against them, should they be hostile.”

- Lord and Admiral Peter John Hill-Norton,
former U. K. Chief of Defense Staff and Chmn., NATO Military Comm.,
2000 TV interview before his death in 2004

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December 20, 2009  London, England - The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed that on December 1, 2009, it has suddenly and mysteriously shut down its UFO phone hotline and email address for public reports at the time of a UFO flap in the U.K.

The MoD originally in November 2009 explained its surprising cutoffs this way:


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