Cattle Mutilation Report from St. Paul, Alberta, Canada

October 5, 1999  St. Paul, Alberta, Canada ­ Fern Belzil, a Canadian investigator of unusual phenomena, e-mailed me the following report and photographs about a June 1999 unusual cattle death and gave permission to post it at

Fern Belzil, Mutilation Investigator, St. Paul, Alberta, Canada: "This is a report of a mutilation that took place only ten kilometers from St. Paul and fifteen kilometers from my ranch.

This was a Hereford Simmental cross herd bull reported to me on June 6, 1999. The rancher and his son estimated that the bull had died about 24 hours before they found him. It took some time to find him because (the bull) was mutilated in the bush among willows and poplar trees. They phoned me as soon as they found him and I was on site to investigate within an hour. By then, the bull was starting to swell up, but had not decayed nor was there a foul smell as yet.


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