Mysterious Lights Seen Above Field Where Nautilus Formation Emerged

Beautiful nautilus-like formation about 200 feet long, reported July 17 in Wiltshire, England wheat field below the Pewsey White Chalk Horse. Photograph © 2002 by Dereka Dobson.  Also see:
Beautiful nautilus-like formation about 200 feet long, reported July 17 in Wiltshire, England wheat field below the Pewsey White Chalk Horse. Photograph © 2002 by Dereka Dobson. Also see:
Aerial photograph © 2002 by Dereka Dobson. Also see:
Aerial photograph © 2002 by Dereka Dobson. Also see:

July 20, 2002  Pewsey, Wiltshire, England ­ Charles Mallett and his wife, Frances, both long-time crop formation researchers and now co-owners of The Silent Circle Cafe in Cherhill, Wiltshire, say the Pewsey White Horse nautilus formation is as mysteriously fine a formation as any they’ve ever seen. Further, on July 17, a Danish girl visited their cafe and told Charles she had watched mysterious lights in the sky for about ten minutes the night before directly above the Pewsey White Horse. She wrote up her eyewitness account for Charles and he told me what happened.


Charles Mallett, Crop Circle Researcher and Co-Owner with Frances Mallett of The Silent Circle Cafe, Cherhill, Wiltshire, England: “One of the Danish girls was renting a cottage near Mannings Ford, which is a few miles from Pewsey with clear views across the landscape and the White Horse. The night before this formation arrived down at Pewsey, at about midnight, one of the girls was standing outside for about ten minutes watching the sky. Suddenly, she saw a number of light anomalies, what she perceived as strange lights moving around erratically in the sky over the hills which are only a couple of miles away towards the White Horse. These lights just descended into the field and the entire event from her seeing the lights until descending into the field was minutes, rather than seconds. It was long enough for her to be pretty certain that something odd was going on in the sky.

You’re familiar with some high quality formations, Linda. This formation would have been as good as anything you have ever seen, including Cherhill 1999 and Devil’s Den. That kind of quality.

Why is it so white?

I think it is the time of day that (photographer) Dereka Dobson was flying. It’s quite amazing, isn’t it, like a graphic. Personally speaking, I would consider it entirely genuine and entirely anomalous event. The wheat plants were laid down clean and neatly. No signs of board marks, stomping, or anything like that. We were really fortunate to get in there because after the farmer heard about the event, he threatened to shoot people even if they went into the field. He actually kicked in and damaged quite badly the very center of the formation, which was a great shame. Apart from that, it was in fine condition. I don’t think anybody had been in there when we got there in the afternoon on day one.

As I said, it was absolutely pristine. I could not find any evidence whatsoever of human activity, tampering, or anything like that at all. It seemed fluid and consistent through the whole event.

All ground photographs of the Pewsey White Horse nautilus formation reported on  July 17, 2002 are © 2002 by Charles R. Mallett. Also see:
All ground photographs of the Pewsey White Horse nautilus formation reported on July 17, 2002 are © 2002 by Charles R. Mallett. Also see:

Then there is that little nautilus signature right at the back of it.

That’s really cute, isn’t it? Eleven feet wide, that thing is. I could hardly get my feet, or one foot, in the actual laid pathway that makes that spiral. The actual lines that go through the spiral to replicate the larger brother, they were just a couple of inches wide and extremely delicate. Interestingly enough, at the center of that tiny little fractal spiral, it seemed as if the energy or whatever had created this event at such a localized level that it seemed to scorch the tops of the plants. This is fairly green wheat and a number of the stalks essentially had all the moisture taken out of the stems as if they were dead. That is extremely strange.

I’ve personally seen that in two formations in the past: one at Cherhill in 1999, exactly the same effects on the plants. And also in 1999, at the Liddington Castle formation, we found similar effects on plants of a similar age, also in very localized areas in small signatures next to the main formations. That was extremely strange back then and up to now, I’ve never heard any credible explanation for why that should be. Unless, of course, what is making crop circles is some energy which we don’t understand or fully appreciate.

Depending upon the thickness of plants in patterns, the energy might scorch plants once in awhile.

Sure. By no means do we see these kinds of effects in every crop circle. That doesn’t happen. I don’t think there is any one given formula that puts a crop formation down. I think the topography might matter. The weather conditions might matter.

The formation pattern is an amazing expression of Nature. So simple, but at the same time, so sophisticated. The mathematics involved in putting that spiral down is quite challenging. I would suggest that anyone try to get a golden section spiral on a piece of paper, let alone a crop field in the middle of the night.

It’s also quite interesting the way the end of the spiral, the wide straight path, which signifies the end. It seems to act as an arrow and points directly at the White Horse of Pewsey.

 "Straight end" of nautilus points at Pewsey White Horse on hill in background.  Photograph © 2002 by Charles R. Mallett.
“Straight end” of nautilus points at Pewsey White Horse on hill in background.
Photograph © 2002 by Charles R. Mallett.

The nautilus shape and that spiral are clearly the perfect expression of growth and development in Nature. The way it is, it’s almost like Nature has had a little baby. The whole formation is kind of like that. It’s technically very sophisticated, but at the same time, very subtle and very beautiful. It could sum up a lot about the whole crop circle phenomenon in terms of expressions of Nature and growth in Nature and development, including the soul and consciousness. A lot of what the crop circles are about can be, or is being expressed, by that nautilus formation. And it is completely anomalous which makes it even more exciting.

To me, it suggests that whatever intelligence is behind the crop formations is signaling that we are on a spiraling cycle. The little nautilus would indicate that we, earth, are at a particular juncture on a cycle and might be in jeopardy. Whatever the intelligence is, maybe it is saying, ‘We can see your timeline, past, present and future.’

Everything we have discovered about the crop formations over the years have suggested, as you just said, that we are pretty much at a critical juncture in the development of ourselves as a species and as individuals, of the souls, I guess. If anyone takes a look at the world around us, it’s a mess. Something is needed and the crop circles to me seem like a wake up call and it’s very much needed. It is expressing the way in which we are going, so it seems perfectly natural in a sense. Maybe it’s a helping hand and a lot of people are realizing that.


In Contrast to Pewsey White Horse,
Windmill Hill of July 18, 2002 Has Board Marks Throughout

What about Windmill Hill? We were there on the first day in the late afternoon after a good many people had already been in the formation. When we first walked into it, it is 250 feet or so in diameter, so it is pretty huge. It is extremely elaborate on the ground. Without seeing an aerial shot, we walked into that, out first reactions were, ‘Wow! Look at this. It’s amazing.’ There are hundreds of standing diamond-shaped pieces, chunks of wheat. We walked around the whole thing and it was quickly apparent that it seemed to have a relationship to the 2000 magnetic field moire pattern that was also near Windmill Hill. That formation and this event resemble each other. This time there are six sort of interlocking magnetic fields.

This 2002 Windmill Hill, after examining the formation for about 10 or 15 minutes, we left up in the event with Andreas Mueller and Werner Anderhub of Switzerland. Werner had just flown over it and Andreas, being the mathematics and geometric student that he is, quickly came up with a fairly simple method of construction and pretty much what it was.

We all started scrutinizing the formation more closely, the four of us: Frances, my wife, Andreas, Werner and myself. It didn’t take us long to see on the ground clear, stomper board marks which were all over the entire laid crop area. There were some kind of cut lines like the edge of a board had been put onto the crop and human weight pressed down onto it so it leaves a crease across the crop. These lines were at regular intervals over the entire crop area and the intervals were effectively one pace. So, for myself, Andreas, Werner and Frances, it seemed apparent that this thing had been created by an entirely mechanical mechanism for reasons unknown. But the evidence was on the ground.

When we looked at the design in Andreas’s sketch, we started relating it to material that has been done in the past for TV documentaries to prove that all crop formations are a hoax and it was a similar style to some known hoaxers. There was nothing new. the method of construction was quite simple. It’s a big circle and all the hoaxers needed were six points and then fill in a lot of lines. But it is an audacious undertaking and carried off quite well and will probably convince a lot of people because in the aerial photograph, they did do a good job. It’s perhaps the most well-executed hoax so far.

Could this have been paid for by the Disney Corporation backing the Hollywood movie, Signs, because the producers indicated in prior publicity they would have crop formations produced somewhere before the movie is released August 2?

Perhaps. My impression was afteer speaking to one individual is that the farmer already knew something fairly big was going to go down on his land around the days leading up to July 18.

Was it suggested that the farmer had been paid?

The source did not elaborate, but the implication was the farmer knew about it before it happened. The fact that Colin Andrews was the first one up there photographing it makes me suspicious.

You mean because he’s had a vested interest in his public statements in 2000 that 80% of crop formations are hoaxes?


That statistic, however, was never backed up by any hard evidence.

Yes, pulled out of thin air. So, this 2002 Windmill Hill formation is either a Signs movie splash, or it’s a piece of misinformation which is designed to discredit the real phenomenon and possibly discredit researchers who might claim it is genuine.

It’s not, but Pewsey (White Horse) is the real deal and very impressive.”


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