High Strangeness Continues in Argentina

Jacinto Arauz about an hour northwest of the large coastal city of Bahia Blanca has been the focus of several animal mutilations in 2002 and where the man was toppled over by a force from a green, round aerial object that also "sucked away" his cell phone.
Jacinto Arauz about an hour northwest of the large coastal city of Bahia Blanca has been the focus of several animal mutilations in 2002 and where the man was toppled over by a force from a green, round aerial object that also “sucked away” his cell phone.

September 7, 2002  Argentina – After Argentina’s SENASA (similar to the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) issued a formal report on July 1, 2002, saying a small, red-nosed mouse was the culprit in the nation’s large wave of at least 400 animal mutilations, the Buenos Aires media seemed to take the political cue and stopped reporting cases.

Right jaw stripped of flesh on Argentina mutilated cow.
Right jaw stripped of flesh on Argentina mutilated cow.
Udder excised from another mutilated Argentina cow.
Udder excised from another mutilated Argentina cow.

Yet, mutilations continued. This past week, Scott Corrales who does Spanish translations of Argentina media reports forwarded to me the following e-mail from Christian Quintero of the Proyecto Condor-CEUFO organization:

“Despite the fact that the news media’s silence could be interpreted as meaning that the mutilation epidemic has ceased, the inhabitants of southern Buenos Aires Province and La Pampa are still reporting new cases. The problem is that the police no longer appear interested in accepting new reports, and animal owners have therefore stopped informing the authorities.

In addition to this, a TV show on hunting called El Escape del Cabure, broadcast on the MAGAZINE cable channel, has shown images of new cases. While the program’s hosts and their guide roamed through a hunting preserve in the province of La Pampa, they found a wild boar with the same signs of mutilation seen in other cases which became known to the public. The animal was found in a section of the remote Calden wilderness and showed a small orifice on the back of its neck through which its brain had apparently been extracted.

When the show’s host asked the guide about the matter, the man replied that almost a year ago (long before the first bovine mutilation cases appeared), it was possible to find dead animals with these characteristics which had never been seen before in the region.”


Further, on August 22, veterinarian pathologist findings in a bull mutilation near Rio Cuarto in Cordoba Province north of La Pampa were summed up this way:

“Knowledgeable sources say that in spite of the best efforts made in the agencies of the School of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine of the National University of Rio Cuarto, the case involving the dead male bovine mutilated in the vicinity of Berrotaran, 75 kilometers north of Rio Cuarto on Route 36, has yet to be solved. The necropsy highlights are:

– The bull had subcutaneous lesions in its thorax and ribs.
– Had lesions around the extracted eye as though a device had been rested on it.
– Its rumen was empty of corn chaff food from the feed lot in which the animal was discovered.
– The internal organs had been cut out, apparently through a hole cut in the rectum with the same cutting tool.
– There was no blood in the heart. The animal did not die from a heart attack or from electric shock.”

One man in Jacinto Arauz an hour northwest of Bahia Blanca recently saw a strange, round aerial object that glowed green in the daylight as it came as close as three to four feet from him. The man said he felt some kind of force emitted from the aerial object that knocked him to the ground. Then he watched his cell phone rise from his body and up into the green object which took off and disappeared.


Scott Corrales, Director, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, Bradford, Pennsylvania: “What makes this even doubly strange and much more interesting is the fact that the sheriff of the town of Jacinto Arauz kept placing phone calls to the missing cell phone and he said they kept answering, but no one was there. I could hear air or space after some one picked up the phone. However, when they tried to triangulate through the phone company, they were told it was simply out of the area.

That phone was never returned?

No, never returned. The news story says that the police placed phone calls on the same night as the incident. On two tries, the cell phone would ring and then cut off and on the third attempt, a sort of breathing could be heard. They they heard the sound of a keypad being dialed. Subsequent efforts indicated the cell phone was either off or beyond the coverage area.

So, perhaps it was in another dimension, another planet, we don’t know. We’ll probably never see that phone again.

Did the man describe the size of the craft that came down only a meter or so from him?

He was very spartan with his description. It just said, ‘a dim green-colored circumference with 3 legs barely a meter or meter and half away from him.’

What reached out and got his cell phone?

It seemed to have been magnetism of some sort. What he described as ‘electrical charge’ dropped him to the ground. He was toppled and paralyzed and unable to do anything. However, this man was carrying a number of things on him. He had a pair of binoculars. He had a cell phone in his left hand and told the newspaper: ‘I had a cell phone in my left hand. It was sucked up by the green circle. I saw it rising and disappear.’

When he was asked by a reporter to describe the object, he said: ‘Given that I could only see the bottom part, I can tell you it was a smooth surface with three legs. At no time did it make contact with the ground. I don’t know how many minutes I was there because I lost all notion of time.’ He saw no figures in the craft and all he saw was the cell phone rising out of his left hand and being absorbed by the green circumference. He was left with his binoculars and I think he carried a firearm.

It took him a long time to just get himself back into his car. He returned home unable to speak. He had to write a note to his wife explaining what had happened. He was again taken to the hospital. He said, ‘The ring and middle fingers of the hand in which I held the cell phone still hurt. My jaws, shoulder and legs also hurt. I always wanted to see something like that (meaning a UFO phenomenon). But nothing like this had ever happened to me before.'”


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