Dubayy, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates, Shopping Mall Uses “UFO Fly-Over” to Promote January Store Festival

Dubai, (Dubayy), United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf.
Dubai, (Dubayy), United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf.

January 16, 2003  Dubayy, United Arab Emirates - On January 14 in North America, Canadian UFO researcher, Brian Vikes, received an e-mail from Dubai, U.A.E. resident, Maggie Jaber. She had translated to English the headline, text and photographs about a "UFO fly-over" from one of the leading newspapers, Al Khaleej, in Dubai (Dubayy), United Arab Emirates, on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The main headline was, "UFO Over Alghurair City Dubai United Arab Emirates." Emirate refers to the office or jurisdiction of an "emir." An emir can be an Arabian prince, chieftain or governor, a title of honor given to the descendants of Mohammed.


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