Part 3: Cows Used As Reptilian Food — Two Men See Mutilated Cow in Light Beam – Updated Drawings

"I didn't hear the lizard guys because they don't talk. All you hear is just a little  tap, tap, tap (from their clawed feet) on the UFO floor. Before, (after being beamed up from seeing the cow mutilated in the beam), that's the sound I think initially woke me up inside the craft."

- "Howard," Summer 1995, Orlando, Florida

Reptilian humanoid allegedly encountered by men after cow mutilation. Drawing © by "Howard."
Reptilian humanoid allegedly encountered by men after cow mutilation. Drawing © by "Howard."

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August 3, 2005 Orlando,  Florida -

[ Editor's Note: Since the beginning of the human abduction syndrome investigations in the 1960s, there have often been descriptions of sexual activity forced on humans by the abductors as an egg or sperm collecting procedure. Others who have interacted with the "standing up reptiles" say the sexual activities of those creatures are for self-gratification, as Howard describes in the following Part 3 and 4. ]

Part 3 - Interview with "Howard," Computer Network Administrator, Orlando, Florida: "That apparently happened because the soldier sniffed my 'awakeness,' if you would call it that. As soon as the soldier snorted and took a step toward me, the other one ­ the scientist - kind of turned around at the same time and looked at me. The expression on the soldier's face was a quick fright, but then a more controlled look. But, the scientist was very agitated that I was awake and that I was getting off the table onto the center of the UFO floor. It had complete fear come across its face and the scientist jolted to the left.


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