Part 5: The UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome: Status Report II – New Sources, New Data

"The grounded UFO, said AK, which had impacted into the soil and stood at a tilt, was approximately 35 to 48 feet in diameter and 12 to 18 feet in height. It was perfectly round, shaped like a hamburger bun. In the middle, or at the equator of its smooth aluminum-like surface, was a black band made up of squares, each jutting out about 10 inches."

- Source: U. S. Army Guard, Ft. Riley, Kansas

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To be more computer-friendly, the reprint has been divided into parts. Here begins Part 5 of Status Report II, written in January 1980. The series of status reports, I through VII, were written by Leonard H. Stringfield from 1978 to 1994. Previous Status Report III begins at Earthfiles. Leonard Stringfield died on December 18, 1994. For all the previous status reports, see Earthfiles Archives.

Leonard H. Stringfield:

"CASE A-8:

Alleged retrievals of crashed or disabled strange craft, whether Earth-made as secret duplications of alien craft, or as alien craft per se, are a part of this paper for review. I have received numerous reports of what appeared to be demobilized strange craft witnessed on the ground, but at the head of the list is the controversial saucer-shaped craft that allegedly landed at the Army base in Ft. Riley, Kansas, on December 10, 1964. 


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