Part 1: Mysterious Events At 2005 Tawsmead Copse “Insectogram” Crop Formation

© 2005-2006 by Andrew J. Buckley
Reprinted with permission at Earthfiles.

February 27, 2007  Wiltshire County, England - One earth mystery that has been described by eyewitnesses is the sudden appearance "out of nowhere" of what seems to be a child or adult person. Some have observed mysterious balls of light from which individuals emerge. One example was reported in a 1989 book, Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century by Janet and Colin Bord. They wrote: "The witness was climbing in the Bavarian Alps of West Germany around 1950 and she got lost. 'All of a sudden, I noticed a sort of a big ball of light and this condensed into the shape of a tall, rather Chinese-looking gentleman. ...He bowed, spoke a few words, led me by a small path to the tourists' way and disappeared back as a ball of light.'"


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