Updated: Part 2 – New “Chupacabras” Attacks in Chile and Cattle Mutilations in Argentina

"The chupacabras entity with glowing eyes was hovering off the ground
after it jumped off the roof. It seemed to be hovering a number of
centimeters off the ground."

- Scott Corrales, Editor Explicata

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Update June 1, 2007  Vina Del Mar, Chile -  Prof. Ana Luisa Cid in Mexico City, Mexico, provided the following recent chupacabras news report from Chile, translated by Scott Corrales © 2007, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, and Editor, Inexplicata.

"SOURCE: La Estrella (newspaper)
DATE : June 1, 2007


Creature appeared in the Recreo Sector
by Carla Olivares

Margarita Ugalde's family underwent an experience worthy of a horror movie in the early hours of Thursday morning in the Recreo sector of Vina del Mar after having a face-to-face encounter with the legendary and feared Chupacabras.


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