Part 4: Military Insiders Comment About Zeta Reticuli and EBENs

“We now know that some Tibetan scrolls written in ancient Sanskrit
were actually written by Ebens and those scrolls seem to be made of
something that never ages.”

- Military Insider

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September 11, 2007  Albuquerque, New Mexico - The government insiders I am calling "Sherman" also made a distinction between EBENs and "Greys."


Sherman:  "The Greys are similar in appearance, but they wear a different uniform or suit with different insignias and colors. The Greys have crude telepathic abilities compared to the Ebens and the Greys are more reckless. They aren't as compassionate as the Ebens either. But in truth, I don't think the Ebens have always explained to us what they are doing like they are supposed to (by treaty?)"


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