Part 5: Military Insiders Comment About Zeta Reticuli and EBENs – Christ Versus The Devil

“The Ebens set us in motion genetically and are watching us grow,
like ‘watching children grow’ is the way it's been described to me.
One of the Ebens said, ‘We made you. We put you here.
But you have to live it.’”

- Military Insider

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September 16, 2007  Albuquerque, New Mexico - The government insiders I am calling "Sherman" also described seeing 3-dimensional, moving images of Jesus Christ in the Yellow Book. Further, the Ebens allegedly communicated "there really is a devil." I asked Sherman, "What role do you think Christ has played in all of this if it's true that the Ebens had a connection to His birth on this planet and are somehow involved with the recycling of souls?"


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