Viewer Comments About Big Triangles and Lights – In Conflict?

“I saw a small red light, moving at tremendous speed, cross the eastern sky at a much higher altitude. …Then the amber light took off at tremendous speed and seemed to be chasing the small red light, which then did a sudden turn at about a 45-degree angle upwards and back from where it had come.”

– Kansas City, Missouri Resident

Youngstown, Florida , is the far right red circle northeast of Tyndall AFB (bottom red circle). Eglin AFB is north of Fort Walton Beach (left red circle).  
Youngstown, Florida , is the far right red circle northeast of Tyndall AFB (bottom red circle). Eglin AFB is north of Fort Walton Beach (left red circle).

October 21, 2007  Florida – Here are some of the Earthfiles and Dreamland viewer comments I have received since posting this report. I was told in the 1989 to 1990 time period that there was an “Earth’s secret war.” But the specific reason for the war and a detailing of which non-humans are fighting which non-humans and what offensive/defensive role the American military plays was not made clear. Does our American government think it has a non-human ally? And a non-human enemy? See especially below “5)  Triangular Aerial Object, Other Lights, Kansas City, Missouri”

1)   Subject: Black triangle
Date: October 20, 2007
To: [email protected]

“Linda, I just finished listening to your interview with the woman from Florida on Dreamland. It aired today, Saturday afternoon, however I listened to it around 11:00 pm tonight.

I know this may seem strange, but around September 15, 1990, my daughter and I had an extremely similar experience at our home. I hadn’t really connected the bright floating lights with the little lights swirling around it with the appearance of the low flying totally silent huge black triangle with 3 lights that then went over our heads. Also, there were military jets after the triangle left. I know this is 17 years ago, but that evening is seared into my mind and my daughter’s who was 16 years old at the time. We were so frightened that we realized that we were standing clutching each other. We had been sitting on the concrete front steps of our house watching all this activity for almost an hour.

Mostly it was the little lights flying around the larger light. The black triangle flew over in probably less than a minute. It was low, slow and silent. Listening to your interview brought it all back.

PS. I figured the jets came from Delaware or from the Air Base in Willow Grove, which is not far. The jets were not following the black triangle, they were more interested in the little lights a ways off.”

2)  Subject: More Florida UFO Reports
Date: October 20, 2007
To: [email protected]

Hello Linda. My name is —- from Portland Oregon.

I want to thank you for everything you do! Keep fighting for the truth. We will stand beside you.

Here are more reports of the recent ufo sightings in florida.
a )
b )

a)  “Wesley Chapel, Florida (Northeast of Tampa) A Dark Triangle With Lights In Corners

Posted: October 9, 2007 by HBCC Research and

Date: October 6, 2007 Time: 8:45 p.m.

Approach Direction: From the North. Departure Direction: To the South. Witness Direction: East.

Description: While looking almost directly overhead from my backyard, I noticed a set of 3 lights arranged in a triangle approx: 500 feet above my head. Each light was roughly shaped like a triangle and were dimly lit. I viewed the object move from North to South for approximately 15 seconds until it disappeared when it moved over my house and out of view. I raced to the front yard but was unable to see it.

Color/Shape: Triangle, dark with lights on each corner.

Height & Speed: 500 feet level from North to South at – 70mph.”

b)  “Date of Event: October 10, 2007 8:30 pm

Posted by:

Location of Event: State Road 44 between Eustis and Sorrento, Florida (Northeast of Orlando, Florida)

Message: On October 10, me and my mom were on our way home from church on State Road 44 between Eustis and Sorrento, FL a little after 8:30 pm.

We were out in the middle of nowhere, but coming up on a brightly lit intersection and a lit up neighborhood Sorrento Springs. I was in the backseat of our Suburban on the right, staring out the window.

Me and my mom saw it at the same time. No lie. It was hovering over the roofs of some of the homes in the middle of the neighborhood. I thought it was a new light pole they had installed-because I drive by there so many times and I’ve seen it in the dark before. It was taller than all of the other light poles so it couldn’t be one. The light on it was just a single big one. It was bright shining and orange and I swear it was somehow flickering.

At first we thought it could be a helicopter searching for some hit and run person because we have had a few lately. The light looked like it was infrared and the object just sat there in the air, shining the light down. And then suddenly it zipped up higher and at a different angle the orange light dimmed and turned bright white. It really creeped us out because we were going pretty fast along the highway and the figure (UFO) stayed parallel to our car for a good minute or two.

It didn’t leave our sight for a few minutes. We saw it move higher up and light was still white. It was very hard to spot when we went back into the dark countryside again. The last time we saw it, it veered to the right towards Sanford/Orlando. We know it wasn’t a plane or a helicopter. Are those able to hover QUIETLY about 3 feet over rooftops or 8-10 feet off the ground without a sound?

I am forever changed and I would appreciate if you would email us and tell us what we should do now. We are freaked out.”


3)   Subject: Triangular UFOs
Date: October 20, 2007
To: [email protected]

“There has been quite a lot of reporting of triangular craft in Illinois lately, Tinley Park being one common location, but others in Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois. Similar descriptions and light configurations over the past few years.”


4)  Subject: black triangle craft sighted on Oct 1, 2007
Date: October 20, 2007
To: [email protected]

“After reading your article about the black triangle craft that was posted on your site on 10-19-07, I checked out the NUFORC site to see if there were any other sightings that night. I found it interesting to find that a subject had seen a black triangle shaped craft with 3 white lights and a smaller blinking red light on the bottom of the craft. This person saw the craft on 10-1-07 at 9:00 P.M. in Sanford, Florida which is 385 miles from Youngstown, Florida. He saw it approximately 45 mins. after the six adults saw it. Thus, it was probably the same craft.”


5)   Subject: Triangular Aerial Object, Other Lights, Kansas City, Missouri
Date: October 20, 2007
To: [email protected]

“I have also seen one of these objects. I live in South Kansas City, Missouri, and I saw something somewhat similar to the account you posted (re: Youngstown, Florida) during the summer of 2006. I cannot recall if it was late June or early July.

It was about 10 PM on a warm summer evening. I had gone outside my home to look at the stars for a few minutes before bed. I walked left (East) of the front porch to look at the eastern sky where my view would be unimpeded by trees. I observed a large, amber colored light to the East and thought perhaps it was an airplane, although it seemed rather too large for that and it did not seem to be getting either larger or smaller and not moving as an airplane light normally would if it had been either leaving the KC airport or preparing to land there. There was also no strobing and/or navigation lights visible.

A few minutes later I saw a small red light, moving at tremendous speed, cross eastern sky at a much higher altitude. There was no question in my mind that this had to have been some sort of unknown craft because of its speed and the subsequent maneuver it performed. Then the amber light took off at tremendous speed and seemed to be chasing the small red light, which then did a sudden turn at about a 45-degree angle upwards and back from where it had come. It traveled a little way across the sky, below and past the moon and then disappeared. I also lost track of the light that had been chasing it at that point.

I thought, ‘Well, that was interesting..’ and turned back to the house and walked the 15 or so feet back to my front door. As I climbed the steps onto the front porch I heard what sounded like the rumble of distant thunder behind the house and to the northwest, but still somewhat close by. I turned and looked at the cat sitting on the front porch and said, ‘What was that, kitty?’ He seemed very alert all of a sudden. I then heard somewhat of a continuation of the rumbling sound, but by then it seemed more like the crackle of static electricity. We get many electrical storms here in the Midwest, but this sound did not totally seem to match the sounds I was used to and it also went on too long.

At that point the sound ceased and a huge craft flew over the neighborhood, directly in my sight in a break of tree cover up the hill and to the southwest of the house. I could not totally make out shape and outline of the craft itself because it was very dark and the craft itself appeared to be black as well. However, it was moving very slowly and silently across the sky at a rather low altitude. It had four enormous lights on the bottom in a triangular pattern – 3 large white ones and a smaller red one in the center. The artist’s rendition that you have on your posting is very accurate with regards to what I saw, although only the center light was red at the time.

The craft moved slowly enough that the cat and I both had time to walk down the south-facing driveway to the end of it and stand and watch as it went by overhead. As it continued southward and before it got lost to my view in the tree cover and houses, I could see that the back end of it had a huge amber light on it that must have been the original amber light I had seen. When viewed from behind and at a distance, only the large amber light on the rear was visible.

There is an old airfield and military base that supposedly has now been closed in Belton, Missouri, a few miles south of where I live. This was the direction that the craft was taking.

This is the first time I have ever reported a sighting of any kind, and it was certainly the most substantial and irrefutable one that I have ever seen. Anything else that I might have seen before has only been unusual and/or fast moving lights at a great distance and not worthy of reporting as far as I was concerned.

You may contact me by email if you wish, but please keep my name and personal information confidential in all other respects. I do not wish to have any personal publicity over this as I am already very aware of the type of harassment that can ensue when one makes public disclosures of this nature.”

More Information:

If anyone has seen any similar aerial objects in Florida skies, or other parts of the United States and world, or has any substantive information about an “Earth’s secret war,” please email:  [email protected]. All requests for confidentiality are honored.

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