Updated: Huge, Silent, Black Triangle Craft Over Youngstown, Florida

"I feel they were in conflict - like the red lights were trying to get away from the little, white glowing discs - and that happened four times.”

- Thelma Landers, Youngstown, Florida

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Updated October 21 with Thelma and Zachary Sketches
October 19, 2007  Youngstown, Florida - 
Ten and a half years ago on March 13, 1997, a series of unidentified aerial objects showed up over the state of Arizona, beginning from around 7:30 PM until at least 10:30 PM that night. The early evening craft was a huge, black triangle with a few red lights underneath. Real estate professionals in Phoenix who saw it estimated the low, slow-moving and completely silent triangle was at least 1.8 miles long, based on comparison to a 1.8 mile-long housing development the triangle flew over.


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