Part 2: In League With A UFO

© 1997 Lou Baldin
Electronically reprinted at with permission.

“This Alien instrument, on its own, completed a complex surgical
procedure in a split second: it cauterized all the blood vessels without
damaging the eye socket or the eyeball! Everyone present knew that
this was beyond ‘magic.’ It was outright scary!”

- Author

 In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.
In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.

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November 14, 2007  Albuquerque, New Mexico  - 

Chapter 2 (continued)

UFO Crash

Aladdin's Treasure

There are many gadgets on the ship. Most of them have been taken out of the ship and experimented with. Others, even though they are portable, cannot be taken out of the craft. An invisible force keeps them from being carried out.

Every Alien gadget somehow knows what its purpose is. Unlike human gadgets (such as hammers and toasters, which are static and only function correctly if at all with the help of a human), Alien objects seem to have consciousness and perform duties on their own, if they feel like it!


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