Part 15: In League With A UFO

© 1997 Lou Baldin
Electronically reprinted at with permission.

“The Aliens were here before humans were conceived and the Aliens will be here when time for humanity has expired.”  

- Author

In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.
In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.

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January 7, 2008  Albuquerque, New Mexico  - 


Chapter 10

Back from Utopia

Bill Smith returned from his two-month hiatus and found the committee swamped with material they received from Tim. The scientists were so busy with Tim's revelations that they had forgotten Bill was gone. He was not offended. Bill was aware of all that was happening with Tim and the committee while he was away. Bill gave the scientists time to assimilate all the information that Tim had for them before Bill divulged all that he had learned during his time way. Bill told the committee that he would take thirty days off and spend them with his family. His two children were in college, so he spent a weekend with them. The rest of the time, he and his wife took a cruise to a secluded island.


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