Updated Part 1:  Real X-File, Source Unknown

“The following document is believed to be the personal notes and scientific diary of a scientist who was contracted by the government over several years to visit all crash sites, interrogate captured Alien Life Forms and analyze all data gathered from that endeavor.”

- Preface, Blue Planet Project

Updated March 2, 2008  after original filing February 29, 2008  Albuquerque, New Mexico - Several boxes of old files and even unopened mail have traveled with me in moves from Colorado to Pennsylvania and then to New Mexico. This week I opened one of my long-taped boxes looking for materials I remembered from 1980s research. I discovered a package that contains more than a hundred pages entitled “Blue Planet Project, Alien Technical Research - 25, Westchester Camp, Office of Central Research # 3, Alien Life Forms, CODE:  ARAMIS III - ADR3-24SM.” No author or source is given, there is no cover letter, but the text indicates 1990 to 1991 might be the time period when the pages were assembled.


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