Four Red, Unidentified Lights Change Patterns Over North Phoenix

“ABC15 contacted several agencies, including the FAA, Sky Harbor, Luke AFB, and the Phoenix Police Department. No one could explain what the lights are.”

- ABC15-TV, Phoenix.

Update: April 24, 2008 - Four Red, Lights Over North Phoenix Now Described As Red Flares Tied to Helium Balloons.

But Phoenix New Times on April 22, headlined: “Air Traffic Controllers
Who Saw UFO Muzzled by FAA.” interviewed Phoenix resident, Lino Mailo, who says he watched his still-anonymous neighbor launch red flares attached to black and white helium balloons into the sky around 8 PM, April 21.  Click here for video interview. But it's still a confusing event. Not only is the perpetrator still anonymous and not talking, his house is allegedly shown about 100 feet from the backyard where the does his interview - so why didn't the reporter simply walk over to that house and knock on the door and ask to talk to the alleged hoaxer? Also, a retired military USAF pilot was interviewed by a Phoenix radio station yesterday morning, April 23. He said he watched the red lights over the half-hour between 8 and 8 PM and said, “They were definitely not flares attached to helium balloons.”


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