Updated: Security Guard Saw “V-Shaped Panel” Fall Near Needles, California, and Encountered “Telepathic UFO”

“The falling black silhouette appeared to have a sort of V shape like some kind of side panel or nose cone.”

- Shark, Security Guard, Perris, California

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Updated March 16 of original report March 14, 2009  Perris, California - A year ago on May 14, 2008, at 3 AM Pacific south of Needles, California, on the Colorado River near Topock, Arizona, a long-time houseboat resident calling himself River Bob was stunned to see a large, bright “fiery object” hurtling from the sky toward him. From the upper deck on his houseboat, he was puzzled by the vivid turquoise blue-green amid other more fiery red, yellow and orange colors. Despite the strange blue-green color, River Bob thought perhaps he was watching a plane about to crash. Whatever hit the ground was picked up within fifteen minutes by a large sky crane helicopter and carried away.

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