Silver Disc Videotaped Near Barbury Castle

“You can have 100 people in a park and this alien technology can control photons to such a point that only one person out of the hundred might see a craft right above their heads.”

- U. S. Intelligence Source


July 30, 2009  Yatesbury, Wiltshire, England - Being back in Wiltshire reminds me of the night back in the late 1990s when I was doing a live COAST report to Art Bell from a red English telephone booth in the countryside. With me were others who had joined me at the East Field silage pit for a night watch after a very rainy, stormy day. I had a powerful infrared scope that had been loaned to me by a former military friend - which was possible then before 9/11- and we had been looking into the dark mist over the East Field toward Golden Ball Hill to see if any mysterious lights might show up, since the small, glowing orbs have been seen before, during and after crop formations are created.


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