Updated – Part 2: RAF Bentwaters Feedback, Another Military Eyewitness Speaks for First Time

“The light in Rendlesham Forest had a dome quality to it
... a strange light ... probably about the size of a football field.”

- Richard Bertolino, former RAF Bentwaters Airman 1st Class

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Updated:  September 17, 2009, comments from former RAF Bentwaters Deputy Base Commander Charles I. Halt:  “I definitely was not out in the forest with Capt. Mike Verano [ on December 26, 1980]. I only knew he was out the next day because several others told me. ...Ray Gulyas (E-4 or E-5, Buck Sgt. or Staff Sgt.) ... somewhere I've seen pictures he took of the ‘landing site’ the morning after [of] the first event.”


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