Part 5: Highly Strange X-File of Edward Leverne Moragne, Ph.D.

“The field resonance system work I was pursuing was basically a system that would bypass space and time and might effectively exceed the speed of light by at least Dr. Moragne's numbers - to some degree near instantaneous transport.”

- Alan C. Holt, Aerospace Engineer


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January 7, 2010  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  My January 3, 2010, Earthfiles report included a letter from Alan C. Holt, President of Holt Research and Development Co. (1983 - 1986) to President Ronald Reagan with a copy to Edward L. Moragne dated March 27, 1983. After my report was posted, I received an email from Alan Holt. He has worked as an aerospace engineer since 1967, when he graduated from Iowa State University with a B. S. in physics, followed by an M. S. in physical sciences with an emphasis in astrophysics from the University of Houston's Clear Lake campus in 1969.


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