Part 6: Highly Strange X-File of Edward Leverne Moragne, Ph.D.

“That E.T. told me we humans don't really understand death - that we (soul/spirit) keep going, going, going.”

- Edward L. Moragne, Ph.D., Physicist

Return to Part 1 January 9, 2010  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  Continuation of Linda Moulton Howe's May 8, 1997, interview with Edward Leverne Moragne, Ph.D., at his Houston, Texas, home: Howe May 8, 1997, Interview with Edward Leverne Moragne, Ph.D.:  “I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU THINK AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL INTELLIGENCE CROSSED YOUR PATH IN THE FORM OF A HUMAN-LOOKING MAN WHO SPENT SOME TIME TALKING TO YOU ABOUT ANOTHER WORLD IN WHICH THE CIVILIZATION LIVES INSIDE THE PLANET?


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