Part 1:  Aztec, New Mexico – Was Disc Taken to Building 828 in Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio?

“They saw a translucent vehicle  – at least 30 to 50 feet in diameter – sitting on a train flatcar. The tarpaulin that had apparently been over it had broken loose at the top, exposing the craft.”

- John Smith, Technical Illustrator, Rochester, New York

August 13, 2010  Rochester, New York - In 1948, Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, merged with Patterson Field to become Wright-Patterson AFB. Three years later on May 21, 1951, the USAF established the Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) that changed again in 1961 to the Foreign Technology Division (FTD). Also created in 1961 was the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that has been linked by many government and military insiders to TOP SECRET missions related to non-human intelligences interacting with Earth. U. S. Army Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso wrote in his 1997 book, The Day After Roswell, that he saw himself at least one non-human body at Fort Riley, Kansas, en route from retrieval at a 1947 crash site near Roswell, New Mexico, to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio.


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