Part 2: Dragonfly Drones, Oltissis and Ethos

“This leads to the possibility of the ancient Greek civilization having some contact – or interaction with - the Oltissis people I received the message from.”

- “Ted Connors,” Security Specialist, Montgomery, Alabama


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July 1, 2011  Montgomery, Alabama - After the early morning October 6, 2010, second encounter at the then-dead southern yellow pine tree at his work facility, Ted Connors began to look for the word Oltissis. Two and a half months later on his Monday day off December 20, 2010, Ted took time to explore a library. On a table were some old books to check out or purchase and one was entitled, Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited © 1962 by Fredrico Ionnides (spelling as remembered by Ted Connors.) Ted checked the book out and found three references to Oltissis in the index. One reference was a footnote that the name Oltissis referred to historic pleasure palaces in Greece and China's Xanadu. See Websites below.


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