Oregon Beach Metal Boxes?  No Evidence.

“I sent some assistants this weekend to the beach area that is supposed to have the ‘unmovable’ metal boxes and there is nothing there.”

- William Hanshumaker, Ph.D., Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport, Oregon


February 14, 2012  Stonefield and Bray's Point, Oregon, beach region:  Two recent internet “news” stories have been circulated by a Dave Masko claiming 5-foot by 5-foot by nearly 1-foot-high metal boxes that made odd sounds had washed up on southern Oregon beaches such as Stonefield and Bray's Point. The second Masko story referenced William Hanshumaker, Ph.D., who is a Senior Instructor at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. On Friday morning, February 10, 2012, I talked with Prof. Hanshumaker about the Masko article. Prof. Hanshumaker said he did not know anything about the metal boxes until Masko called his office around 5 PM on Thursday, February 9, 2012. Prof. Hanshumaker said he would make no comment until he saw the metal boxes for himself.


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