More Unexplained Booms in Boston and Beyond

- “It sounds like the same kind of boom as others have reported, like something heavy being hurled into an empty dumpster, or a heavy load of something like metal and wood being dropped all at once from a considerable height. It doesn't resemble any sonic boom I've ever heard, or any kind of artillery.”

- Kingston, Washington Resident about April 30, 2012, Loud, Metallic Booms

- “It sounded like there was an explosion in the basement that shook the whole house.”

- Puyallup, Washington Resident about April 12, 2012, Loud, Metallic Boom


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Also:  April 26, 2012 North America and England.

May 1, 2012  Boston, Massachusetts, and Tacoma, Washington region - Earthfiles has received many more strange boom reports since reporting on April 26, 2012, about the bizarre and still-unexplained metallic, jolting booms throughout North America and abroad, that have persisted since February 2012. Recently a series of boom phenomena all happening between April 12 and 14, ranged from Bath, England; to central Ohio; to Tacoma, Washington; to San Diego County, California; to Columbia, Missouri. Below emails begin with booms and some light flashes in the Boston, Massachusetts, region on April 27 and 29, 2012, followed by more reports from the Tacoma, Washington, region that include strange military jet and helicopter maneuvers west of reported booms.


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