Part 2: Earthfiles Viewer Letters About “Angelic Light” Encounters

“Mass is a phenomenon of connecting light rays, which go back and forth, sort of freezing them into a pattern. So matter, as it were, is condensed or frozen light.”

- David Bohm, Ph.D., Theoretical Physicist (1917-1992),
Dialogues with Scientists and Sages

“I knew this light was alive; I felt this enormous energy of love that I cannot describe.”

- Earthfiles viewer, October 7, 2012



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October 8, 2012  Albuquerque, New Mexico - Since early childhood, light in various forms has played a protective and guiding role in my life. I have had an evolving experience that has convinced me there is a common source of intelligent energy that pervades all there is. I think of it as the Divine Field, which is both beyond and the source of all matter worlds.

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