Mysterious Booms and Light Flashes Across U. S.

“At this point, nobody seems to know. The geologists say it's not in the ground. The Air Force says it's not in the air. The astronomers say it's not from space. So we're running out of options.”

- Jeffrey Braun, Ph.D., Physicist, Univ. of Evansville, Indiana


February 1, 2013  Cedar Hills, Utah - The boom phenomenon of the past two years is confusing because sometimes people have felt strong vibrations against the bottom of their shoes, while windows and floors shake. Other people more recently insist the booms are coming from the sky along with bright flashes of light. I have been marking a map of booms from October 17, 2012, to the end of January 2013. The map now has twenty-four different regions of the United States from the East Coast to Central California. Strangely, during this time line there have been no publicly reported booms right along the Pacific Coast as there were repeatedly in the first half of 2012.


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