Mysterious Booms – A Secret Military Weapon?

“This sound gun was activated, fired through the wall,
hit this individual and essentially liquefied him, except for his heart.”

- “Peter Jones,” U. S. Army Veteran, Louisville, Kentucky

March 1, 2013  Louisville, KentuckyEarthfiles continues to receive reports of loud and unexplained booms from around the United States, one as recently as Tuesday night, February 26th, from Charleston, West Virginia. Calls to Kanawha County, West Virginia, 911 dispatchers started at 5:30 PM EST, February 26th. People reported feeling their buildings shake, including employees in the WOWK-13 TV newsroom in Charleston. A resident emailed to me that night:

“I heard this boom this evening, and evidently so did a lot of other people. It was short and loud and very immediate, by which I mean I thought my son, who was upstairs at the time, had knocked over a chest of drawers - or the tree trimmers, who had been working outside, had cut a tree down on the building or something. It vibrated the building. It startled me and I jumped up to look outside – there was nothing going on at all, and my son was sleeping upstairs.”


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