Part 1:  The Ridgeway Overton 9 Rings – Diatonic Scale and Einsteinian Physics

“There are nine rings, but eight spaces between them.  The eight spaces are the diatonic musical scale - the white notes  on the piano:  do re me fa so la ti do.”

- James Lyons, Retired U. K. Aerospace Engineer about Ridgeway pattern


July 26, 2013  Petersfield, Hampshire; and Cottingham, East Yorkshire, England - For at least 5,000 years, travelers in southern England have moved more easily from the Dorset coast to Norfolk by going along the high, drier ground called The Ridgeway, now designated as an 87-mile-long National Trail in the U. K.

The Ridgeway includes Overton Hill near Avebury where on July 6, 2013, nine rings were discovered in a wheat field there. The whole pattern was large, 186 feet in diameter measured by Charles Mallett, Director of the Silent Circle research center.


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