Part 2:  Beyond Ridgeway 9 Rings – Diatonic Scale in Crop Formations

“Whoever made the crop patterns has the knowledge to conceive original theorems that haven't been stated before.”

- Gerald Hawkins, Ph.D., Astronomer and Mathematician


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July 27, 2013  Albuquerque, New Mexico - When I was producing my second book, Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. I: Facts & Eyewitnesses © 1993 (see Earthfiles Shop), I met and worked with astronomer and mathematician Gerald Hawkins, who had studied the astronomical alignments of ancient Stonehenge in southern England and written the book, Stonehenge Decoded © 1965, with John B. White.

During the 1990s, some crop formations in England were identified as containing mathematical relationships such as diatonic ratios, geometry theorems and fractals. The diatonic ratios intrigued Gerald Hawkins, who shared his research with me for my book. In this Earthfiles, I am sharing pages 53 - 59 and Appendices 1 through 3 from my original 1993 book.


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