Updated: Part 1 – Ellsworth AFB Security Guard Abducted By Aerial Light

“I have knowledge of an abduction of an Ellsworth AFB security guard by a UFO near Wall, South Dakota.”

- Perry Manack, 44th Missile Maintenance Squadron, Ellsworth AFB


Ellsworth AFB 44th Missile Wing Emblem.
Ellsworth AFB 44th Missile Wing Emblem.

UPDATED October 29, 2013 - Originally filed October 25, 2013 Seattle, Washington - In October 1975, my brother James Moulton called me in Boston late at night where I was producing medical TV programs for WCVB-TV (ABC). He was a helicopter pilot stationed at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana. Excited, he said, “Linda, a UFO has set down on the base here!” He told me there had been a football-field-sized orange fluorescent disc-shaped object encountered by the Security Alert Team (SAT) hovering silently over one of the Minuteman nuclear silos, Kilo 7. Jets were scrambled and the large aerial object “blinked out” as the jets arrived. After the disappearance, the jets flew away. But the large orange fluorescent disc popped back into visibility exactly where it had been when the jets first approached. The Security Alert Team reported to Central Security Control that the object was back and rising. It was reported that the large aerial object Dopplered off the radar screen around 200,000 feet.


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