Updated – Part 2: Nuclear Missile Sites and UFOs – Ellsworth AFB MSgt James Klancnik Speaks On The Record

“The security guard was ‘AWOL,’ absent without leave, because he was taken by this orange thing in the sky.”

“We had full Colonels in pickup trucks in the missile field looking for these lights that would park (in the air) on top of a missile site and shut the thing down. That happened probably five or six times a year. That stuff was kept very, very quiet.”

- James Klancnik, retired USAF Msgt., Ellsworth AFB, SD


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Updated with mp3 audio interview below / originally filed October 29, 2013 Spearfish, South Dakota - Since doing the October 24th Earthfiles and COAST broadcast about the Ellsworth AFB abduction of a Minuteman II nuclear missile site security guard from Cactus Flats Delta-09 Minuteman Missile Squadron, I have learned that those who have tried to access the files from the 1970s of this abduction incident at Cactus Flats have discovered all those files “are missing.”


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