Silent, Stationary White “Orbs” in Utah and Colorado

“Some people who saw them over Breckinridge said the white objects
formed triangles and a line. But on our camera, it seemed the objects
did not move at all ... for as long as five to fifteen minutes without moving
an inch on our viewscreen in the camera. And then you would see a flash
of light and they would take off across the edge of the (Baldy) mountain ridge.”

- Colorado KUSA-TV 9news Reporter Matt Renoux in Breckinridge, CO


October 6, 2014  Albuquerque, New Mexico - Since October 2, 2014, beginning at 4:30 AM Mountain time in Utah, a large ball of light was reported traveling in the dark sky before sunup northwest to southeast over the Salt Lake City region. Then some seven and a half hours later near NOON, many people called media and authorities about three, white, silent, “orbs” hovering for three hours not moving in the sky over Utah County south of Salt Lake City. Local media contacted the U. S. Air Force, local airport and the U. S. Weather Service, but no one knew what the three stationary aerial objects were. A few eyewitnesses posted images unusual white aerial objects on KSL radio's “The Browsers” talk news Facebook page. See Websites below.


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