Part 3: Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan Analysis of E.T.s Encountered in Controlled Remote Viewing


“You’ve got the Friendly and Unfriendly. And in each one of those categories, you’ve got the Psychic and either Not So Psychic or Not Psychic At All. Now, in each of those four categories, you’re going to have:
- psychic Greys that like us
- psychic Greys, who do not like us
- non-psychic Greys who like us
- non-psychic Greys who do not like us.”

- Lyn Buchanan, U. S. Army Sgt. 1st Class (Ret.)
and Controlled Remote Viewer for Defense Intelligence Agency
DT-S, Fort Meade, Maryland


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September 25, 2015 - Albuquerque, New Mexico - In Part 1, Lyn Buchanan described a project he worked on that divided the many different types of non-human intelligences interacting with Earth by these four categories:

- Psychic Greys that like humans.

- Psychic Greys that do not like humans.

- Non-psychic Greys that like humans.

- Non-psychic Greys that do not like humans.

I asked him for more details about the hostile psychic E. T.s after Lyn explained he had firsthand knowledge from a confidential incident about non-humans working in classified black projects for the U. S. government. And Lyn has personal knowledge of friendly E.T.s who abducted him to harvest antibodies for an alien medical project.


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