Mysterious Booms Hit South Wichita, Kansas, On January 16th. “Sky Quakes” Were Linked to UFOs in 1950s.

— “It sounded like either a tree had come through the roof
or someone had run into my house.”

-Michelle Sprout, Wichita resident at Meridian and 27th Streets, Jan. 16, 2016

— “On December 3, 1954, at 1:40 AM, the town of East Lansing, Michigan, was shaken by a mysterious sky blast. ... The Air Force has said it is quite possible we could be visited by beings from other worlds.”

- The Flying Saucer Conspiracy © 1955 by
Major Donald E. Keyhoe, U. S. Marine Corps, (Ret.)

January 18, 2016  Wichita, Kansas - More boom reports have spread in January 2016, from Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Florida and New Jersey now to south Wichita, Kansas. There on Saturday, January 16th, at 1 PM Central, hundreds of startled people called police, fire, 911 and media such as KWCH12-TV. Some said there houses shook hard and dogs barked, but police that investigated could not find any evidence of an explosion or other disturbance.

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