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08-02-2019 - 7 Mysterious Balls of Light Changing Patterns Above Alton Barnes, U.K., Recorded by Astonished French High School Teacher.
07-27-2016 - Remarkable Geometries in July 2016 Crop Formations
01-18-2016 - Mysterious Booms Hit South Wichita, Kansas, On January 16th. “Sky Quakes” Were Linked to UFOs in 1950s.
12-08-2012 - What’s Causing Mysterious Lights, Loud Booms and Strange Hum in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island?
01-29-2009 - Part 2: More Mysterious Multi-Colored Aerial Light Patterns Over Reno, Nevada, and Now Over Empire, Ohio
12-19-2008 - Mysterious Multi-Colored Light Patterns in Sky Over Reno, Nevada
09-02-2005 - Part 2: Mysterious Lights At Coles County, Illinois, Corn Circles
07-23-2004 - Part 3 – Crop Formations and Mysterious Lights in England, July 2004
07-08-2003 - Mysterious Lights Videotaped Emerging from Ogbourne St. George, England Crop Formation
11-17-2001 - Scientists Say Mysterious Lights in Hessdalen, Norway Are Thermal Plasmas of Unknown Origin