Remarkable Geometries in July 2016 Crop Formations

“These puzzling circles — large sweeping areas nearly flattened
in a swirling pattern — do not exhibit the kind of rough damage caused
by harsh weather, animals or humans.”

- Time Magazine, September 18, 1989,
“Who, or what, is creating those mysterious crop-field rings?”

July 27, 2016 Bavaria, Germany, and Wiltshire, England - Mysterious circular patterns in cereal crops have been reported in England since at least the 1930s to 1940s. No one knew what caused them then and no one today really knows the source either. But U. K. and U. S. government counterintelligence operations have tried since the early 1990s to convince the public and media that two elderly, now deceased, gentlemen from Somerset County, England, known as “Doug and Dave,” were responsible. That phony explanation did not even try to account for the worldwide phenomenon in which intricate formations have been reported in both hemispheres, including wet rice paddies in Japan and tall grasses in the Glass Mountains of Australia. See "Light Anomalies in Photos of Conondale, Australia Grass Circles."

By the late 1980s, simple circles, concentric rings, quincunxes and “Celtic crosses” of four circles linked by one large, thin ring were photographed and discussed in the international media. The September 18, 1989, issue of Time magazine showed large formations in southern England and asked, “Who — or what — is creating those mysterious crop-field rings?”


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