Part 2: Three Cape Girardeau Aliens Underneath the Nation’s Capitol?

“We are not engaged in an arms race, but rather in a race of perfecting
an integrated program of UFO technology (including extraterrestrial plasma weapons and Electro-Magnetic Pulse devices.) ... But our scientists will not turn to national defense unless they perceive an actual danger to the United States. A danger was perceived in 1939, only two years
before a UFO was captured in 1941, and Pearl Harbor (Japan attack).

It is vital that scientists should perceive the danger now, before it is too late. What is at stake is not only the prevention of defeat, but prevention of cosmic war. Nevertheless, convincing the American scientific community that military UFO research (is important) is a most difficult undertaking.”

- Excerpt from a 1980s paper entitled “UFO Technology and the Imbalance of Power” by Edward Teller, Ph.D., physicist and former director of the “Star Wars” Space Defense Initiative (SDI), during the Ronald Reagan Administration, 1980-1988


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