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10-03-2019 - Update: 5 Bulls Bloodlessly Mutilated in Harney County, Oregon, and No Bullets.
04-26-2019 - More Mysterious Booms in Arkansas and Missouri.
02-26-2016 - Part 1: “The Bombshell Before Roswell,” Cape Girardeau, MO
02-26-2016 - Part 2: Three Cape Girardeau Aliens Underneath the Nation’s Capitol?
08-03-2013 - Part 1:  Recent Bloodless Animal Mutilations with Scorched Grass in U. K. and Missouri. Other Mutilations in Argentina, Colorado, Nebraska and Idaho.
08-31-2012 - Missouri Man Has Shot Two “Chupacabras”
08-10-2012 - Updated:  New Animal Mutilations in Argentina and Gunnison, Colo.; More Half Cats in California and Nevada; and “Chupacabra” Kill in Missouri
05-10-2012 - Update on Bath, England UFO Photos and Mysterious Boom and Horn Sounds Still Being Heard
11-23-2011 - 125 Orange Spheres Flew in Waves Toward Lee’s Summit, Mo.
11-13-2011 - Updated: More Loud Booms in Virginia and Missouri; More Quakes in Oklahoma