125 Orange Spheres Flew in Waves Toward Lee’s Summit, Mo.

“A large red-orange ball would come, it would rise in the air and split into five or six smaller orange orbs. This happened every two minutes for a half-hour!”

- Richard Vick, Insurance Agent, Kansas City, Missouri


November 23, 2011  Kansas City, Missouri - On June 14, 2011, independent insurance agent Richard Vick, 64, was driving home from a late meeting about 9:30 PM. Richard was traveling in the southbound lane of Missouri I-435 near Gregory Blvd., which is 71st Street. There was a dark, low, overcast sky and the night temperature was hot, about 90 degrees Fahrenheit.In the dark sky on his left, half a dozen orange-red small spheres appeared moving southeast towards Lee's Summit.

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