Part 1: A Physicist Thinks Our Universe Is Simulated

“You look into reality close enough and what you find is that it’s not material. It’s information based. Information based means it’s computed. Computed means there is computer code and if there’s computer code, you’re going to find error correction!”

- Thomas Campbell, author and applied physicist

February 24, 2017 Huntsville, Alabama - Last month in my January 2017 COAST broadcast, I interviewed Phoenix resident Jerry Wills about his 1966 face-to-face contact with a male, blond extraterrestrial humanoid called “Zo.”  Zo's home base, he said, was a planet orbiting Tau Ceti about 12 light-years from Earth.

Then in  November 1998, Jerry was at Lake Titicaca, Peru, and his wife saw him disappear into a rock doorway known as Aramu Muru. Jerry reappeared in a flash of light after  being  in what he thought was another universe where an Intelligent Voice showed him a laboratory experiment to create and study a universe. The Voice told Jerry that our cosmos was the result of the Other Dimension’s experiment to simulate a universe.

Is our universe a computer simulation? That question keeps coming up in media, science journals and public conferences.  A few months ago at the Recode Code computer conference in Los Angeles, Elon Musk — Owner and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla — was asked about the simulated universe hypothesis. He answered, “The odds we are in base reality is one in billions!” — meaning he thinks the odds are high that we are in a simulated universe.


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