Part 2: Keys to the Cosmos: Fractal Math, Frequencies and Wave Patterns

“Space-time — it's the Planck constant times frequency equals mass times the speed of light squared. Think about how the universe is Planck pixels, the frequency of which things are vibrating on those pixels, and at the very quantum, fundamental level, all of that would describe what people consider their souls.”

- Jason Padgett, co-author Struck by Genius

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February 24, 2017 Federal Way, Washington - There was a best-selling book entitled “The Holographic Universe” that was first released in hard cover by HarperCollins in 1991.

The Holographic Universe © 1991 by Michael Talbot.
The Holographic Universe © 1991 by Michael Talbot.

Around the same time, I spoke at a Mid-West conference, along with human abduction researcher Budd Hopkins. The new book by a young man only 38 years old and its mind-blowing hypothesis that our universe was being projected by Something Else — maybe from another dimension — was the topic of many discussions at the conference.  A holographic universe is one where all the information that makes up our 3-dimensional “reality” plus time is actually contained in a 2-dimensional surface that is projecting what we conscious creatures see and move through as 3-dimensional space/time. 


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