Part 2: President Richard Nixon’s Secret Meetings with Huston Plan Covert Agent Robert Merritt

“Nixon said that Star Trek was antiquated. He laughed and said, ‘Robert, we are so, so far advanced it would really take your breath away!’”

– Robert Merritt, covert agent for Nixon’s Huston Plan in secret 1972 meeting with President Nixon beneath the White House

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March 2, 2018 Cambridge, Massachusetts – Daniel Liszt first posted his taped interview with Robert Merritt on February 14, 2018. Three hours later, YouTube took the video down. In the five years since Daniel Liszt started producing and reporting Dark, he has never had any of his productions taken down until this newly posted exclusive interview with Robert Merritt.

When he protested to YouTube, he was not even given a serious reason for why the new YouTube was taken down. Daniel cited his five years of uninterrupted productions on YouTube and eventually the Merritt interview was restored on the Dark Journalist YouTube website where it has been running non-stop since.

I listened to all of it and asked Daniel if I could share for Earthfiles and Coast to Coast AM some excerpts of Merritt’s description of his third secret meeting with Richard Nixon below the White House after the June 17, 1972, Watergate break-in. That’s when he found Nixon in tears.

After awhile, the President read out loud to Merritt his entire hand-written Letter to the American People. The, according to Merritt, President Nixon used surgical tape to attach a package with two letters and two audiocassettes to Robert Merritt’s stomach for delivery to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Here now is Robert Merritt telling Daniel Liszt about his third and last secret meeting with President Richard Nixon in an office somewhere below the White House.

Robert Merritt, covert agent for the  secret White House Huston Plan intelligence operation in President Richard Nixon's 1972 White House; and author with Douglas Caddy, Attorney, of 2010 Merritt bio Watergate Exposed.
Robert Merritt, covert agent for the secret White House Huston Plan intelligence operation in President Richard Nixon’s 1972 White House; and author with Douglas Caddy, Attorney, of 2010 Merritt bio Watergate Exposed.

Robert Merritt, Author of his biography with Attorney Douglas Caddy of Watergate Exposed © 2010, West Virginia: “The last meeting was in the middle part of July. And same way of getting me into the building, and same type of pickup. The office was very presidential. It was not the Oval Office. I was way below ground, not above ground, but it was not oval-shaped at all. It was just a square room. There were bookcases all around the walls and some paintings. He was behind the desk, only this time, he did not come to the door. He didn’t even stand up to shake my hand. He just nodded and was holding his head down, and he was visibly crying. There were tears coming down his face.

And I didn’t know what to say. My first inclination was to give him a hug, but he’s the President of the United States, you know? You just don’t do that. He’s not the ordinary man. On his desk, he had the copy of The New York Post against the president.

Daniel Liszt: So he knew right then that this was going to be used to drive him from office, and he was visibly upset.

Robert Merritt: He was teary-eyed. But anyways, he cleared up, and he started talking to me. He said, ‘Listen, I appreciate everything that you’ve done. There were things that I’ve asked you to do…’ He did ask me to have someone assassinated, which we never got a chance to do, but I would have done it for him gladly. I had no problem. I never had any guilty conscience about anything I did with him. And it wasn’t just one. It was multiple.

Daniel Liszt: Well, these covert agencies, from the start, had programmed you to do that work, and as I understand it, they used the national security reasons. But in any case, I think it gives us some idea of your frame of mind. Back to this crucial third meeting.

Robert Merritt: He had this letter. He pulled it out, and he read this one piece of paper to me. And then he put that letter in a manila envelope, and he put a gold seal over top of the middle, and then he put a piece of tape across that, and on the front was handwritten, ‘To Henry Kissinger.’ He asked for it to be hand-delivered or mailed, whichever was best or safest to do.

Daniel Liszt: Now, this letter was very important. Can you describe the letter for me?

Robert Merritt: It was two red lines. They looked like a scientific formula with letters, numbers, and other scientific symbols that would be used, like chemistry symbols. He said, ‘We possess the knowledge, and we have in our protection,’ and he said, ‘subjects from the Planet X.’ And I asked him one question, and he didn’t seem to like what I asked him, but I said, ‘Are these the things in Mexico or Area 51?’ He seemed to be offended by the fact that maybe I knew this.

Daniel Liszt: OK, now in this final meeting with Nixon, he’s reading you this letter, he shows you this formula, and he’s now mentioning an alien that they have in protection, and he’s a little annoyed that you mentioned the being was in custody or being held.

Robert Merritt: Yes. The word he used was ‘protected,’ not ‘captured,’ not ‘in captivity.’ He didn’t used any words that would mean against the will. You know as well as I do that if we had a being like that — yes, it would be in captivity. I don’t think we’d let it walk down the street.

Daniel Liszt: You said he mentioned that scientists at Los Alamos had learned to communicate with this being. What did he say about that?

Robert Merritt: That we had obtained a very vast amount of knowledge, very powerful, to possess this knowledge and was able to learn from it, would be the most powerful nation or government in the entire world and could rule the world.

Daniel Liszt: Going back to this ET being, the formula that was in the letter in red ink, that was the result of the scientists communicating with the ET. It was, in fact, the ET’s formula.

Robert Merritt: Oh, absolutely. Yes. He made it very clear. He said, ‘Only these others who have knowledge will understand what’s written in red ink.’ And these two lines were written in red ink from a pen, not a typewriter, like a formula that you would see some brilliant genius scientist…

Daniel Liszt: What did he tell you that meant?

Robert Merritt: He didn’t. And then there was a handwritten letter, actually two pages, that one letter, and then there was a handwritten letter that he did not read to me. It was a personal letter. The first letter was to the American people.

Daniel Liszt: OK, so let’s take a look at what the president had here.

Robert Merritt: It was in one envelope. Kissinger was in another envelope. And then there was two cassette tapes in a small padded envelope, and he put everything inside of one large envelope and sealed it up, and he wrote something over the flap, and it was not his signature. There was nothing on there to indicate that this was coming from the president. It didn’t have the White House or Nixon’s name and return address.

Daniel Liszt: Now, you’ve told me that at some point during this meeting, Nixon actually taped this envelope to your stomach.

Robert Merritt: Yes, he did. He used some sort of white cloth medical tape.

Daniel Liszt: And he felt that the contents were a powerful message for mankind.

Robert Merritt: Yes, he did.

Daniel Liszt: Did he ever describe the ET physically?

Robert Merritt: No. No.

Daniel Liszt: But you’ve said that as President Nixon was reading you the letter, there’s a point where he stops and tells you that he has a copy of this letter hidden somewhere in the White House, and no one will find it until the time is right.

Robert Merritt: That’s correct.

Daniel Liszt: A kind of time capsule with this powerful information inside. Can you tell me about that?

Robert Merritt: He did put something away in the White House. It’s there.

Daniel Liszt: Now, I understand that you’re not ready to reveal the location publicly of the time capsule message, but my question is, do you think that the message is still there?

Robert Merritt: Yes. I do.

Daniel Liszt: Nixon was just clever enough to know where to stash it where it could remain undisturbed.

Robert Merritt: Yes. Yes. And he also said that in time, in time—he said that word three times like he always did, three was his favorite thing — he said that it would be discovered.

Daniel Liszt: What is so intriguing is that we have the mystery of Nixon reading you this letter about the ET presence, and then he goes further and tells you about saving it as a time capsule of sorts that he felt in you that he had a human recorder, a kind of personal time capsule, when he described the information they were getting from this ET being, you said, ‘Is that like Star Trek?’ How did he respond?

Robert Merritt: He said that that was antiquated.

Daniel Liszt: It was antiquated?

Robert Merritt: He said that Star Trek was antiquated. He laughed. He said, ‘We are so, so far advanced.’ He said, ‘Robert, it would really take your breath away.’ He said, ‘If you could only be shown some of the knowledge we have in possession…’ And he said, ‘It took me a while, but when I talk to different people’—I guess he was referring to scientists—’about these things and what they’re used for and what could happen…’ To him, it was mind-boggling, too.

Daniel Liszt: Part of the secret message that contained this ET formula, did he refer to a specific scientist during this meeting?

Robert Merritt: Yes, he mentioned about Sam Cohen, the man that he considered to be someone that he really respected.

Daniel Liszt: He’s the famous bomb scientist.

Robert Merritt: Of the neutron bomb. And that’s when he got into the extraterrestrial stuff. He said that we had discovered things, he said, that came from the outer space, maybe even a different universe. He said it came to our planet, and discovery of that knowledge, he said, could be for the betterment of mankind if it’s used right, just like the splitting of the atom. He was saying if we used that knowledge to destroy mankind with the atomic bomb — and he was saying that knowledge was meant to help mankind, not to destroy it. And he said this was the same type of knowledge we have now, he says, with this new discovery.

Daniel Liszt: And he said where this being came from.

Robert Merritt: Planet X. I had to look it up to see exactly what he was talking about.

Daniel Liszt: Well, it’s interesting because Planet X is something we hear about all the time now because they have so many new discoveries. And Sitchin’s work in the 1970s stressed that Planet X was Nibiru from Sumerian astronomy. But I’m getting the impression that Nixon was almost exuberant and was really communicating that to you.

Robert Merritt: Oh, he did. He did. He kept talking about the discoveries and the knowledge that was astronomical. And explained. He said, ‘We’re learning every day,’ and he said, ‘We can only understand the messages they’ve left behind because their writings, we can only decipher these things.’ He told me, ‘Encrypted messages,’ and then he pulled some book he had on the shelf, and it had some of the Egyptian things were figures of like men with two heads and like a third eye.

Daniel Liszt: So the extraterrestrial presence with Earth, even in ancient times.

Robert Merritt: Yes. According to him, we had something like that in our possession already.

Daniel Liszt: Right.

Robert Merritt: A living being.

Daniel Liszt: A living being. And did he tell you how long we’d had it?

Robert Merritt: Yes. He said that it went back to whatever the development was that started the stories about Area 51.

Daniel Liszt: Well, it really makes sense because we have these people who came forward from covert programs that told us Nixon in fact handled the real Project Blue Book cases with the CIA in the 1950s when he was vice president under Eisenhower. So basically, they’d had this ET being for about 20 years.

Robert Merritt: Yes. Yes.

Daniel Liszt: And is it still alive and under our protection today?

Robert Merritt: Yes.”

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