Part 2: President Richard Nixon’s Secret Meetings with Huston Plan Covert Agent Robert Merritt

“Nixon said that Star Trek was antiquated. He laughed and said, 'Robert, we are so, so far advanced it would really take your breath away!'”

- Robert Merritt, covert agent for Nixon's Huston Plan in secret 1972 meeting with President Nixon beneath the White House

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March 2, 2018 Cambridge, Massachusetts - Daniel Liszt first posted his taped interview with Robert Merritt on February 14, 2018. Three hours later, YouTube took the video down. In the five years since Daniel Liszt started producing and reporting Dark, he has never had any of his productions taken down until this newly posted exclusive interview with Robert Merritt.

When he protested to YouTube, he was not even given a serious reason for why the new YouTube was taken down. Daniel cited his five years of uninterrupted productions on YouTube and eventually the Merritt interview was restored on the Dark Journalist YouTube website where it has been running non-stop since.

I listened to all of it and asked Daniel if I could share for Earthfiles and Coast to Coast AM some excerpts of Merritt's description of his third secret meeting with Richard Nixon below the White House after the June 17, 1972, Watergate break-in. That's when he found Nixon in tears.

After awhile, the President read out loud to Merritt his entire hand-written Letter to the American People. The, according to Merritt, President Nixon used surgical tape to attach a package with two letters and two audiocassettes to Robert Merritt's stomach for delivery to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Here now is Robert Merritt telling Daniel Liszt about his third and last secret meeting with President Richard Nixon in an office somewhere below the White House.


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