Part 4: President Richard Nixon’s Secret Meetings with Huston Plan Covert Agent Robert Merritt

“There comes a point where the wall of secrecy makes the functioning of the government almost schizophrenic because it's keeping too many secrets.”

- Daniel Liszt, Producer and Reporter, Dark

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March 2, 2018 Cambridge, Massachusetts - In my 20-part Earthfiles series about CIA whistleblower “Kewper Stein” [ see end of this report], he described working with President Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon.

Kewper Stein: “Eisenhower and Nixon knew all about Area 51 and what was going on with the aliens. Of course, President Harry S. Truman knew all about it, too. But I think Nixon and Eisenhower were the last two presidential executives to know everything. Presidents were just chopped off from the Need To Know after Eisenhower and weren’t given the highly classified alien information.

Nixon told us, ‘From all the reports I have received, we don’t know if they are trying to survey Earth for attack later. Some apparently do good. But some torture people and let them go. Or we are missing people altogether. We don’t know if some ever came back that were abducted and we have no idea where the aliens took them or where they went.’

That was the whole gist of information up to 1960 — that we really were not sure whether the aliens had come to kill us eventually?  Or come to help us?  Or what? Why were they here on Earth? Why didn’t they go some place else and leave us alone?”

Kewper Stein said they had CIA meetings at the White House in Fall 1958 with Richard Nixon and later in the Spring of 1959 with both President Dwight Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon. 


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